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Space Bass

Advanced Explorations for Bass Clarinet; by Andy Hudson & Roger Zare with Jason Alder

Composer: Various

Publisher: Conway Publications


Movement/Section Duration: N/A
  • This edition consists of 13 études composed by Roger Zare, each accompanied by "masterclass" commentary by Andy Hudson.  

    They are inspired by cosmic space, and organized into four areas of extended technique, with the final three études combining various techniques explored previously (the first four études have no extended techniques):

    Galaxy 1: Registers & Connections
    1. Dark Matter:
    Low register
    2. Pale Blue Dot: Altissimo register
    3. Apollo: Large upward leaps
    4. One Small Step: Large downward leaps
    Galaxy 2: Articulations & Color Effects
    5. Big Bang (...with Galileo in the Garden of Eden):
    Slap tongue
    6. In Memoriam, Pluto: Key clicks, air sounds
    7. Spaghettification: Flutter tongue, growl, timbre trills
    Galaxy 3: Multiphonics & Singing
    8. Nebula:
    9. Supernova: Spectral multiphonics
    10. The Golden Record: Singing while playing
    Galaxy 4: Exploratory Études
    11. Luna

    12. I Want to Believe 
    13. …for the benefit of all mankind. 

    Most of the études are 2–3 pages long; 4 of the études are longer, at 4–7 pages long.  They are suitable for an advanced player, or a driven intermediate player who aims to learn extended techniques like slap tonguing, multiphonics, flutter tonguing, etc.  Jeff Anderle's foreword advises to work on new techniques in 5-minute increments every day and to cultivate a mindset that treats mistakes as opportunities for growth—all the more important when pushing into personal "uncharted territory" of one's technique.  

    Every étude has substantial adjoined commentary, usually at least 5 pages long, and split into two sections:

    The first section lists precisely three "core concepts" to guide one's approach; for example, Étude #3 includes the following headings: "(1) Embracing 'the Trampoline'; (2) Deploying a clear, consistent articulation; (3) Learning to master the direction of 'the bow.' "  Each concept offers engaging anecdotes and helpful strategies to master whatever techniques an étude demands.

    The commentary's second section, cheekily titled "Preparing to Launch," is a bar-by-bar (or line-by-line) walkthrough of the étude with specific, detailed suggestions for execution and interpretation.

    The appendix materials are as follows:
    A: Altissimo Fingering Chart
    B: How to Circular Breathe
    C: Guide to Understanding Bass Clarinet Clef Notation, by Jason Alder
    D: Dear Composer (Thoughts on Notation and Performance)
    E: Quarter Tone Fingering Chart 
    Of particular note is Alder's thorough explanation of the four notational practices used when composing for bass clarinet (including several examples from actual music), and the instructions for how (and when) to circular breathe.

    Fingering charts are included alongside each étude which uses quarter-tones or multiphonics; the multiphonics fingerings are marked directly above the corresponding notation in the actual music for easy reference.

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  • Pages: 163

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