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That’s Klezmer

Composer: Traditional

Publisher: Peters


Movement/Section Duration: N/A
  • This edition includes seven traditional pieces and five compositions by Peter Przystaniak and Irith Gabriely:

    1. Hevenu Shalom Alechem
    2. Rosinkes mit Mandalach (Raisins With Almonds)
    3. Shalom Alechem
    4. Mazel Tov
    5. Beigalach
    6. Und as der Rebbe
    7. Tumbalalaika
    8. Jiddish Blue
    Peter Przystaniak
    9. Adam
    Irith Gabriely (arr. Przystaniak)
    10. Old Oriental Klezmer
    11. Old Klezmer I
    Peter Przystaniak
    12. Old Klezmer II
    arr. Przystaniak

    Pieces 1–8 are for 1 or 2 clarinets and accompaniment, and 9–12 are for 1 clarinet and accompaniment.  This edition consists of a piano score, clarinet duet score, and an alternate duet score for violins (or other C instruments).  Also included is an audio CD of both accompaniment and listening versions; the electric piano is performed by Peter Przystaniak, and clarinet by Irith Gabriely.  A viola duet score and double bass/cello part are each available separately.

    Peter Przystaniak (b. 1956) is a German pianist and composer, and Irith Gabriely (b. 1950) is an Israeli clarinettist and singer.  Although the editor indicates that "priority given to performances with clarinet(s)," he also offers that the following possible combinations are also possible:

    • 1 or 2 Violins (or other C instruments)
    • 1 B-flat Clarinet & 1 Violin
    • 1 or 2 Violas (with separately purchased viola part)
    • 1 Viola & 1 Clarinet (or Violin)
    • Pieces 1 through 8 can remove piano accompaniment and be played as duets
    • Pieces 1 through 8 have a separate written-out bass part for Double Bass (or Cello), and chord notation for chordal guitar (separately available for purchase)

    Given its ensemble flexibility, That's Klezmer could be used in a classroom setting with a wide range of instruments.  Each piece is 1–2 pages long, and the demands are evenly spread between the two solo instrument parts; the first part has a higher range, but stays at or below the clarion register.

    Quick facts
    Range: highest pitch = written B5
    Key signature: no ♯/♭, 1♯, 2♯, 3♯, 1♭
    Time signature: 2/2, 2/4, 3/4, 4/4, 6/4
    Rhythm: mostly quarter, eighth, and sixteenth notes; some dotted rhythms and triplets

    The editor refrained from adding excessive marks for bowing, breathing, articulation, or dynamics to encourage players to get creative with their interpretations of this traditional repertoire.  The piano score's solo line is in concert pitch.

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  • Pages: 18

    Pages (score): 29

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