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Giampieri: Carnival of Venice

Performer(s) Link Comments
Eduard Brunner (cl), Munich Chamber Orchestra con. Hans Stadlmair Spotify link 1988 (2018) With string orchestra accompaniment.  Lovingly adherent to the dynamic opportunities marked in the score, and makes many of his own touches.  
Guy Dangain (cl), Misaki Baba (pn) Spotify link 2003 (2004) Speedy performance sometimes obscures the structure of the meter.  
Kiyosumi Ogura (cl), Mitsutaka Shiraishi (pn) Apple music link 2009 (2010) Maintains delicacy and poise; an edgeless sound.  Bravely and effortlessly slurs the leaps in the second variation, and shows nimble articulation in the later variations.  
Michael Collins (cl), Piers Lane (pn) Spotify link 2010 (2010) A brisk rendition with some muscly show of the meter.  Tone sometimes spreads in altissimo gestures.  The finale's breakneck accelerando brings a rousing close. 
Emma Johnson (cl), Carducci String Quartet Spotify link 2016 (2016) With string quartet accompaniment.  Shortened version.
Emma Johnson (cl), Gordon Back (pn) Spotify link (1990) A robust sound and emphatic gestures provide energy.  
Giancarlo Bazzano (cl), Concetta Vicario (pn) Spotify link (2003) Sound mixture sometimes favors piano too much, and highlights some clarinet technical blemishes.  Takes some tempi that sound cautious, and covers the piano in beginning of Var. 4.    
Sharon Kam (cl), Itamar Golan (pn) Spotify link (2008) Shows facile technique and plenty of effective sculpting of the line, even in the faster passages.  
Sergio Bosi (cl), Riccardo Bartoli (pn) Youtube link (2009) Solid!
Dominique Vidal (cl), Orchestre Les Solistes Français con. Paul Rouger Spotify link (2016) With string orchestra accompaniment.  Gives the articulation plenty of ping.
Miltos Mumulides (cl),Cologne New Philharmonic Orchestracon. Volker Hartung Spotify link (2019) With string orchestra accompaniment.