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Bassi: Rigoletto Fantasy Complete Discography

Original Work
Performer(s) Link Comments
Manuel Gomez (cl), unidentified pianist Samek Music link ca. 1904 (1993). Includes a 48 measure excerpt, Act I Introduction & "Caro nome" aria.
Guy Dangain (cl), Jens Harald Bratlie (pn) Youtube link 1982. (Ricordi edition)
Karl Leister (cl), Mariko Hayashi (pn) Spotify link 1983-85 (2002)  (Breitkopf edition)
Alessandro Carbonare (cl), Andrea Dindo (pn) Spotify link (1996). (Ricordi edition)
Im Soo Lee (cl), Roberta Garten (pn) Spotify link (1999). (Ricordi edition)
Charles West (cl), Susan Grace (pn) Spotify link (1999). (Ricordi edition)
Alessandro Carbonare (cl), Andrea Dindo (pn) Spotify link 2000 (2001). (Ricordi edition)
Seunghee Lee (cl), Arlene Shrut (pn) Youtube link (2000). (Ricordi edition)
Caroline Hartig (cl), Claude Cymerman (pn) Youtube link (2002). (Ricordi edition)
Julian Bliss (cl), Julien Quentin (pn) Discogs link (2003).
Sabine Meyer (cl), Kalle Randalu (pn) Spotify link (2005). (Ricordi edition)
Slava Kazykin (cl), Ludmila Zaitseva (pn) Spotify link (2008). (Breitkopf edition)
Kiyosumi Ogura (cl), Mitsutaka Shiraishi (pn) Apple Music link 2009 (2010). (Breitkopf edition)
Jose Franch-Ballester (cl), Anna Polonsky (pn)

Youtube link (1 of 2)
Youtube link (2 of 2)

2009.  Live concert at the "Aditori de Castelló" Spain, part 1 of 2. (Breitkopf edition)
Maria Du Toit (cl), Nina Schumann (pn) Spotify link 2011 (2012). (Ricordi edition)
Francesco Belli (cl), Andtonio D’Antò (pn) CIDIM link (2011).
Annelien Van Wauwe (cl), Lucas Blondeel (pn) Youtube link (2012). (Ricordi edition)
Anna Hashimoto (cl), Daniel King Smith (pn) Spotify link 2014 (2014). (Ricordi edition)
Luigi Magistrelli (cl), Claudia Bracco (pn) Spotify link (2014). (Ricordi edition)
Giovanni Punzi (cl), Amedeo Salvato (pn) Spotify link 2018 (2019). (Breitkopf edition)
Sam Boutris (cl), Ronaldo Rolim (pn) Spotify link (2020). (Breitkopf edition)


Clarinet & Large Ensemble Arrangement

Performers(s) Link Comments
Harold Malsh (cl), U.S. Marine Band  Spotify link 1960 (2008). Clarinet with wind ensemble adaptation. Largely abridged version.  
Guy Dangain (cl), Tokyo Kosei Wind Orchestra con. Frederick Fennell Youtube link 1989 (1990). Clarinet with wind ensemble adaptation. 
Robert Spring (cl), ASU Winds con. Richard E. Strange Spotify link (1994) Clarinet with wind ensemble adaptation. 
Guy Dangain (cl), Musique de l'air de Paris  Spotify link (1995). Clarinet with orchestra adaptation.
Sabine Meyer (cl), Zürich Opera Orchestra (a.k.a. Philharmonia Zürich) con. Franz Welser-Möst Apple Music link 1996 (1996) Clarinet with orchestra adaptation. 
Thomas Dykton (cl), U.S. Marine Band con. William F. Santelmann Spotify link (2010). Clarinet with wind ensemble adaptation, abridged.  Cuts from bar 104 to the final Allegro. 
Jose Franch-Ballester (cl), Ateneo Musical y de Enseñanza "Banda Primitiva" de Llíria con. Manuel Galduf

Youtube link

2012.  Clarinet and wind ensemble adaptation.  Live concert in Moncofa, Spain. 
Corrado Giuffredi (cl), Parma Opera Ensemble  Spotify link (2017). Clarinet with chamber orchestra adaptation. 
Borislav Yotzov (cl), Sofia Philharmonic Orchestra con. Peter Dimitrov Youtube link (2018). Clarinet with string orchestra adaptation.
Calogero Palermo (cl), Imep Namur Clarinet Choir Spotify link (2019). Clarinet and clarinet choir adaptation. 
Miltos Mumulides (cl), Cologne New Philharmonic Orchestra con. Volker Hartung Spotify link (2019). Clarinet with string orchestra adaptation.  Has different tutti sections, as well as some additions to the clarinet part.


Other Arrangements

Performers(s) Link Comments
Alessio Vicario (cl), Carmela Stefano (acc) Spotify link (2013). Clarinet and accordion adaptation. (Ricordi edition)