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The Rose Report: Comparing the Editions of Rose’s 32 Études for Clarinet

Cyrille Rose's 32 Clarinet Études are perhaps the most popular of all studies for the aspiring clarinetist, and have seen many revisions since their earliest publication in 1893.  The dozen versions in print today vary in their editorial goals and notational accuracy, and it is crucial to know precisely how they differ in order to choose the best version for one's needs.

The Rose Report offers insight into these differences with an unprecedented level of detail.  It includes hundreds of visual excerpts to clearly illustrate points, covers practical issues of readability, and delves into how editors handle fundamental topics like articulation, dynamics, breaths, fingerings, and more.

  • If the Rose Études are new to you, then you can avoid potential confusion by choosing an edition that is easier to read or includes helpful additional information (fingerings, commentary, breath marks, cautionary accidentals, etc.).

  • If you're already happy with the edition that you currently own, consider checking the report for any possible errors or gross editorial deviations (particularly Section 5 and Appendix C).

  • If you teach clarinet, then you'll save yourself the hassle of making corrections for each student's copy by picking an edition that best aligns with your own pedagogical preferences. 

  • If you'd like to gain a broader perspective on editorial influence, the report details how editors approach a myriad of phrasing issues, and how closely they follow Rose's earliest markings.

  • If you're hungry for even more Rose, then peruse the various expansions, adaptations, and borrowings from the Rose 32, as well as a list of recordings.


The Rose Report here

Version History:

1.0: February 2022

CAMco's usual edition comparison is also available for the Rose 32, comprising a much shorter summary of The Rose Report.