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Kroepsch: 416 Progressive Studies

Comparing the following editions:
Publication Year
book 1book 2book 3book 4
1975, 1976
Jacques Lancelot
Carl Fischer
book 1book 2book 3book 4
1944, 1946
Simeon Bellison
Carl Fischer
book 1 (partial) & book 2 (complete)
(as part of Klosé method)
2016 Stanley/Naomi Drucker
2012, 2015
(bk 1) Jürgen Schubert
book 1book 2book 3book 4
Eric Simon
Additional adaptations:
Publication Year
book 1, book 2, book 3
1992, 1994, 1995
Jacques Lancelot
"Mini Kroepsch" 
2016, r. 2017
Kristen Denny-Chambers
"Prep Steps Before You Kreopsch"

With scant exception, all four complete editions are virtually identical.  The Billaudot and Carl Fischer editions have slightly cleaner markings and more spacing compared to the other two.  The CEFES edition's spacing is the tightest by a small margin.  However, special mention is given to book 1 of the CEFES edition, which has been completely redone in digital engraving; this, along with the generous spacing (almost double the page count of the other editions), gives it greater readability compared to all of the other editions' traditional engraving.  The Billaudot and Carl Fisher editions are printed on bright white paper, while the CEFES and International editions have subtly off-white (ivory/yellow) colored paper.

Carl Fischer's edition of the Klosé Clarinet Method also contains some digitally engraved, perfectly readable Kroepsch; it includes 24 selected exercises from book 1 (two exercises for each of the book's key signatures) and the complete book 2.

Users of the CEFES edition should take note that Book 2 sometimes lacks accidentals in different octaves within a given measure, where they are necessary; strangely, books 3 and 4 do seem to follow the convention of applying accidentals for each separate octave.

Other Adaptations
Jacques Lancelot created a condensed version of the Kroepsch books 1–3 called Mini Kroepsch, which is also presented in 3 separate books.  Mini Kroepsch has roughly the same amount of exercises as the full version and covers the same key signatures, but the notation is generally less dense and there is less altissimo playing.  This results in a set of exercises that are more achievable for the less advanced levels (not beginner).

A more elementary-friendly adaptation comes from Kristen Denny-Chambers, titled Prep Steps Before You Kroepsch.  It consists of a single 24-page book; each key signature is given a single page of eight exercises, with each exercise one line in length.  Denny-Chambers wrote Prep Steps as preliminary material to books 1 and 2 of the full version, aimed at advancing pre-college and progressing undergraduate students.

Summing Up
Any of the full versions are suitable, with the slightest favor given to the Billaudot and Carl Fischer editions for cosmetic reasons.  For clarinettists in need of something less demanding, the elementary Prep Steps and intermediate Mini Kroepsch offer two excellent preparatory options.