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Stamitz Explained

Carl Stamitz wrote several clarinet concertos, some of the first significant ones for the classical iteration of the instrument.  It is safe to place the 11 identified solo concertos within the last 30 or so years of the 18th century.  Beyond that, information about these works is lacking, and research is sometimes conflicting.  The liquidity of record-keeping creates plenty of complications.  For example, the clarinettist thought to be a collaborator on Concerto No. 6 is usually indicated as Johann Joseph Beer, although Jacob suggests in his 1991 book that it could be Franz Joseph Bahr; definitive attribution is difficult, especially when common spelling variants on the name "Beer" at the time included Baer, Baher, Pär, or Bähr! The same issue can create complications when researching records for "Stamitz," a name that might have been spelled as Stamniz, Stamits, Stamiz, Staimez, etc.  

Various attempts have been made to organize Stamitz's clarinet concertos, and they can be found in catalog records, dissertations, and academic journal articles; particularly significant efforts have been made by Boese, Kaiser, and Newhill.  Jean-Georges Sieber's publishing firm in the late 1700s lists several of Stamitz's concertos, presenting a common starting point for numbering the works.  The following table (from Jacob, noted below) charts the various numbering schemes.  Note that CAMco uses the Kaiser system, which reflects a rough chronological order, to number the listed Carl Stamitz concertos (whenever a publisher has a conflicting number for a certain work, the publisher's concerto number is included in CAMco's secondary title information in grey text).

 Kaiser Sieber Boese/Tuthill Newhill
1 1 4 1
2 2 5 without number
3 3 6 5
4 5 7 6
5 6 8 7
6 11 10
7 3 3
8 1 1
9 2 2
10 10 9
11 9 8


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